'Black Panther' is outselling every previous superhero film in advance ticket sales

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"Black Panther" is still two weeks away from hitting theaters but advanced ticket sales on Fandango is already outpacing all other superhero films.

Turkey detains director of film on anti-Erdogan coup...

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Turkey detains director of film on anti-Erdogan coup... (Third column, 7th story, link)

Nano-polycrystalline film leads to stronger magnetism compared to single-crystal films

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Nanoscale pillar-shaped distribution of iron in strontium titanate can change its magnetic and magnetooptical response drastically, say researchers. Surprisingly, the polycrystalline film on the silicon substrate showed stronger magnetism than a single crystalline film.

Nanotube film may resolve longevity problem of challenger solar cells

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Researchers have lengthened the lifetime of perovskite solar cells by using nanotube film to replace the gold used as the back contact and the organic material in the hole conductor.

Michael Jackson Tribute Film Looks Damn Real (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

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Famed Michael Jackson impersonator Navi did what he does best Thursday, transforming into the King of Pop for an upcoming flick. Navi was out and about in L.A., shooting several scenes for Lifetime's 'Searching for Neverland.' The scene below mimics…

Reducing conducting thin film surface roughness for electronics

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As transistor dimensions within integrated circuits continue to shrink, smooth metallic lines are required to interconnect these devices. If the surfaces of these tiny metal lines aren't smooth enough, it substantially reduces their ability to conduct electrical and thermal energy -- decreasing functionality. Engineers report an advance in modeling results that establish electrical surface treatment of conducting thin films as a physical processing method for reducing surface roughness.

Alcohol, drugs and lesbianism: Arab Israeli film faces backlash...

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Alcohol, drugs and lesbianism: Arab Israeli film faces backlash... (Third column, 14th story, link)

Angelina Jolie on Cambodia, film and family

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Angelina Jolie on her new film - based on the genocide in Cambodia - politics and her family.

Angelina Jolie Promotes 'First They Killed My Father' Film in Cambodia With All Six of Her Children – See the Pics!

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The whole crew watched as the 41-year-old actress explained the importance of the new Netflix movie.

Iran defeats U.S. navy in defiant animated film...

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Iran defeats U.S. navy in defiant animated film... (Second column, 8th story, link)

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