Water war in California: Agencies fight over drought emergency plan with crucial deadline looming

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California remains a holdout on a drought emergency plan for the Colorado River that is due next Tuesday by all seven river states. Holding up the plan has been a fight between two powerful water agencies in Southern California.

Juul Labs hires former Apple employee to lead the fight against counterfeits

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Juul Labs, the e-cig company under fire for its product’s popularity with young people, has brought on a new VP of Intellectual Property Protection with Adrian Punderson, formerly of PwC and Apple. Punderson’s job is all about working alongside government agencies, as well as Juul Labs Intellectual Property VP Wayne Sobon, to combat the sale […]

U.S. Cuts $300 Million In Aid To Pakistan; Says It's Failing To Fight Militants

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The cuts were part of a broader suspension in aid to Pakistan announced by the Trump administration earlier this year.

AirTM raises $7 million to fight hyperinflation

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If you want to convert Netflix gift cards into dollars on a PayPal account, you usually have to find someone willing to do the same transaction in the other direction. It can quickly go wrong if you never receive your money. Meet AirTM, a service that makes it easier to convert any form of money […]

Fight brews over Shkreli's Wu-Tang album as 'pharma bro' gets banned by securities industry

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Martin Shkreli was convicted of fraud that was unrelated to his infamous price hike of the drug Daraprim in 2015.

Dana White Meeting with Floyd Mayweather's Camp Today, Possible UFC Fight

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Dana White says there's still a very real chance Floyd Mayweather gets in the octagon for a UFC fight -- and he's meeting with the boxer's camp later today.  The UFC honcho appeared on "Undisputed" on FS1 and told Skip and Shannon not to rule…

Democrat presses fight in tied legislative election; control of Virginia House could be at stake

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Control of Virginia's House could be at stake in the deadlocked election between Democrat Shelly Simonds and Del. David Yancey.

4 Ways The U.S. Could Fight Future Election Interference

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Protecting the casting and counting of votes is only one potential issue for policymakers. How a cyberattack might disrupt Election Day in 2018 or 2020 is one of the big unanswered questions.

Airbnb doubles down on its efforts to fight hotel 'price-gouging'

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Airbnb said Tuesday it will continue to make sure industry prices remain lower for consumers.

Facebook is deleting a bunch of spam accounts in its effort to fight fake news

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Facebook is using algorithms to try and detect these fraudsters, and it's not sharing much information on how they work.

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