Dear Hollywood, here are 5 female founders to showcase instead of Elizabeth Holmes

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It’s hard to pass on a chance to stoke startup schadenfreude, but Hollywood could put the spotlight on women who pioneered the bleeding edge of tech and actually produced billion-dollar successes.

Poverty, lack of health insurance among female health care workers

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A new study finds that low wages and poor benefits leave many female health care workers living below the poverty line.

New Orleans's first female mayor to lead city during its 300th anniversary

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(Reuters) - A New Orleans City Council member who launched a political career after helping her neighborhood recover from Hurricane Katrina was elected as the city's first female mayor this weekend in a runoff that pitted her against another woman.

First Muslim female judge found dead near NYC's Hudson River

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Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first Muslim woman in U.S. history to serve on the bench, was found dead Wednesday near the Hudson River.

Will Jean Afterman be baseball's first female GM? The sport should be so lucky

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Will Jean Afterman be baseball's first female GM? The sport should be so lucky

GOOGLE Pays Female Workers Less Than Male Counterparts...

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GOOGLE Pays Female Workers Less Than Male Counterparts... (Second column, 8th story, link)

US regulators accuse Google of underpaying female workers

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Government investigators looking into how Google pays its employees have accused the tech giant of shortchanging women doing similar work to men.

Matt Barnes' Female BFF Pleads Guilty In Nightclub Brawl

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The woman who allegedly fought alongside Matt Barnes in the NYC nightclub brawl back in December has pled guilty to assault ... TMZ Sports has learned.  The woman is Laura Closure (aka Mae West) -- one of Matt's BFFs. Closure was with Barnes…

'Outraged' USMC commandant to female Marines: 'I ask you to trust me'

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Testifying to the Senate about the nude photo scandal, the U.S. Marine Corps leader said his branch has a problem and that he is committed to fixing it.

International Women's Day: Iran's first female triathlete

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How one Iranian female athlete overcame many obstacles to make history.

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