Lasers and robo-feeders scale up fish farming

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Fish farming is big business and producers are adopting new technologies to expand and cut costs.

Balderton Capital leads $25M Series A in ‘urban farming’ platform Infarm

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 Infarm, a startup that has developed vertical farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants and local distribution centres to bring fresh and artisan produce much closer to the consumer, has raised $25 million in Series A funding. Read More

Arable raises $4.25 million to demystify farming with sensors and data

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 Believe it or not, farmers in the U.S. have faced a labor shortage for years. U.S. citizens aren’t drawn to agriculture the way they were in previous generations. The labor trend has pushed farmers to automate some of the tasks done by agronomists and field workers in the past, using software, robotics and IoT devices like Arable’s. Read More

"American Crime" Takes On Farming And Illegal Immigration With An Unsparing Lens

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For producers John Ridley and Michael J. McDonald, the decision to set this season, which tackles immigration and labor, in North Carolina was both creatively and politically significant.

Reap the Benefits of Bountiful Farming Scholarships

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Turn your interest or family background in agriculture into college scholarship money.

Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food

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The social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum can farm symbiotic bacteria for food by carrying them from generation to generation. New research shows that these bacteria can also protect the amoeba from environmental toxins.

Going There: Food, Farming And Health

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Michel Martin went to Kansas City, Mo., this week to talk about food and health with organic farmer Linda Hezel, hybrid farmer Chris Boeckmann and Missouri Farm Bureau president Blake Hurst.

First comprehensive study of New Hampshire oyster farming

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Scientists have conducted the first study of oyster farming-nitrogen dynamics in New Hampshire, providing the first solid research on the state's oyster farming industry and the role oyster farms play with nitrogen removal. The research contributes to a growing body of research on how oysters affect the nitrogen content of estuaries such as Great Bay.

What Doctors Can Learn From Small Farming

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Independent physicians should take a cue from small farmers on how to thrive in big health care.

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