Nursing mothers are selling and donating their milk using Facebook groups

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Human milk banks are undersupplied and prioritize premature babies. Some women find it easier and more altrustic to donate using Facebook, but experts warn of risks.

The dead may outnumber the living on Facebook within 50 years

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New analysis predicts the dead may outnumber the living on Facebook within 50 years, a trend that will have grave implications for how we treat our digital heritage in the future.

Facebook Stored Millions Of User Passwords In Plain, Readable Text

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The information was held in a readable format within the company's internal data storage systems. Facebook says it "found no evidence to date" of abuse.

Facebook picks up retail computer vision outfit GrokStyle

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If you've ever seen a lamp or chair that you liked and wished you could just take a picture and find it online, well, GrokStyle let you do that — and now the company has been snatched up by Facebook to augment its own growing computer vision department.

Facebook Can't Gather Users' Data From Other Websites, German Antitrust Office Says

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Facebook "was able to build a unique database for each individual user and thus to gain market power," says Andreas Mundt, of Germany's Federal Cartel Office.

Apple brings the hammer down on Google for app that broke its rules, just like it did with Facebook

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Apple revoked a key developer license from Google on Thursday, the same action it took against Facebook for violating its enterprise developer rules.

Pico nabs $24.7M to create VR hardware that challenges Facebook, Google

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While there aren’t many VR hardware startups raising cash out there these days, there are far fewer that are securing investments to actually build the VR headsets themselves. Even as established tech giants are having a rough go-ahead with the headset market, Beijing-based Pico Interactive is looking to give it a go with a focus […]

Facebook shouldn’t block you from finding friends on competitors

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Twitter, Vine, Voxer, MessageMe. Facebook has repeatedly cut off competitors from its feature for finding your Facebook friends on their apps…after jumpstarting its own social graph by convincing people to upload their Gmail contacts. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Download Your Information tool merely exports a text list of friends’ names you can’t use elsewhere. As congress considers […]

Cambridge Analytica: Facebook 'being investigated by FTC'

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Claims that Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook users' data cause a furore and its chief is suspended.

Facebook will now let you temporarily mute a friend's posts

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The Snooze feature is one of several recent changes to help users better curate their own feeds.

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