AI-designed heat pumps consume less energy

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Researchers have developed a method that uses artificial intelligence to design next-generation heat-pump compressors. Their method can cut the pumps' power requirement by around 25%.

Companies Organize To Make It Easier To Buy Renewable Energy

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Walmart, GM, Google, Johnson & Johnson and other corporations are forming a trade organization to promote the interests of renewable energy buyers. The group hopes to remove barriers to going green.

Trump's 'Energy Dominance' Gets Slow Start On Federal Land

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Despite President Trump's pledge to boost oil and gas drilling on federal land, some statistics show there was more activity during the Obama administration.

Green Power Exchange enables peer-to-peer energy sharing

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True friends share everything, from purses to lawnmowers to the limitless energy they pull from the sun, wind, and deep underground. Green Power Exchange aims to make one of those sharing scenarios a bit simpler. Green Power Exchange or GPX is running an ICO to create a coin that lets you trade energy. While there […]

BenevolentAI, which uses AI to develop drugs and energy solutions, nabs $115M at $2B valuation

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In the ongoing race to build the best and smartest applications that tap into the advances of artificial intelligence, a startup out of London has raised a large round of funding to double down on solving persistent problems in areas like healthcare and energy. BenevolventAI announced today that it has raised $115 million to continue […]

Analysis identifies where commercial customers might benefit from energy storage

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Commercial electricity customers who are subject to high demand charges may be able to reduce overall costs by using battery energy storage to manage demand, according to research.

Teen dies after drinking diet soda, latte, energy drink...

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Teen dies after drinking diet soda, latte, energy drink... (Second column, 15th story, link)

Renewable energy needed to drive uptake of electric vehicles

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Plugging into renewable energy sources outweighs the cost and short driving ranges for consumers intending to buy electric vehicles, according to a new study. In a new article, experts say that environmental performance -- or being green -- was more important than price or range confidence for electric vehicle consumers.

Controlling energy production by calcium is an organ-specific affair

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Researchers have shown that the composition of the mitochondrial calcium portal (the protein that regulates when and how much calcium enters) is different depending on the organ in the body, and this difference allows mitochondria to tune their energy output by decoding a pattern of amplitude and/or frequency of calcium oscillations inside a cell. The results could shed light on our basic understanding of organ health and disease.

These oversold energy stocks could be ready to rebound

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Using hedge fund analytics tool Kensho, CNBC looked for the most statistically oversold stocks in the energy sector.

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