Researchers develop 128Mb STT-MRAM with world's fastest write speed for embedded memory

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A research team has successfully developed 128Mb-density STT-MRAM (spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory) with a write speed of 14 ns for use in embedded memory applications, such as cache in IOT and AI. This is currently the world's fastest write speed for embedded memory application with a density over 100Mb and will pave the way for the mass-production of large capacity STT-MRAM.

Pastor Writes To Dispel Embedded Misconceptions About Transgender People

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As churches seek understanding about the LGBT community, a Dallas pastor wrote a blog post sharing seven things he learned about transgender people. Rachel Martin speaks with Pastor Mark Wingfield.

COPS: Drunk woman drove with 15-foot tree embedded in car grille...

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COPS: Drunk woman drove with 15-foot tree embedded in car grille...(First column, 13th story, link)Related stories:DISTRACTED: Pedestrian Fatalities Jump 10%...Car nearly crashes into reporter during live shot...

Notes On A Month Spent Embedded In Afghanistan

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Producer Rebecca Hersher is just back from a monthlong reporting trip to Afghanistan. She talks to host Arun Rath about her experience.

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