Senate votes to reject Donald Trump's border emergency declaration

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The Senate on Thursday rejected President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration on the southern border, setting him up to carry out his first veto.

Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade

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The US president says EU states have taken advantage of the US and do not pay their Nato bills.

Donald Trump Jr. will dine with apartment buyers in India

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Donald Trump Jr. is pulling out all the stops on a visit to his company's biggest international market.

Donald Trump has made a lot of people nervous, says former Bush advisor

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President Trump's recent comments are making GOP strategist Ron Christie nervous – and he said he's probably not the only one.

By Blaming 'Both Sides' in Press Conference, Donald Trump Chooses His Side

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At an insane press conference, Trump blames 'both' sides for the Charlottesville violence.

CBO Shows Impact of Donald Trump's Obamacare Sabotage Threat

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New numbers show the impact of Trump's health care threats.

Don't hug me, bro! Watch Hillary Clinton try to duck a hug from 'Donald Trump'

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The video comes to light after a story revealing how former FBI Director James Comey was discomfited by a Trump hug.

Seething Mob Shuts Down Speech by Pro-Cop Writer Heather Mac Donald...

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Seething Mob Shuts Down Speech by Pro-Cop Writer Heather Mac Donald... (First column, 12th story, link)

How Donald Trump crippled U.S. technology and science policy

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As Trump forges ahead, he’s done so without the support of the White House’s army of engineers and researchers.

Donald Trump's Lawyer Says He Can't Be Sued While In Office

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Donald Trump doesn't think he'll have time to deal with civil lawsuits while he's running the USA ... and he's asking a judge to agree with him.  Trump's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, filed court docs this week in New York, arguing Summer…

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