Puerto Rico Rep. Jenniffer González Colón Discusses The Future For The Island

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NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Rep. Jenniffer González Colón, the resident commissioner for Puerto Rico, about the island's political future following the governor's resignation.

Former U.S. Negotiator With North Korea Discusses Invitation To Trump To Meet

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Former U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill speaks with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about the invitation extended from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to President Trump for a meeting to discuss denuclearization. Hill negotiated with North Korea over its nuclear program.

Ric Flair discusses recovery after being given a 20 percent chance to live

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Ric Flair discusses recovery after being given a 20 percent chance to live

Defense stocks stage rally as Trump discusses defense spending jump

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The White House wants $54 billion more in defense spending for fiscal 2018.

Republican Rep. Mark Sanford Discusses His South Carolina Town Hall

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NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Mark Sanford, a House Republican from South Carolina, about his town hall meeting on Saturday.

Former Ambassador Discusses Trump's Emerging Foreign Policy

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President Trump had several phone calls with foreign leaders this week. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with former Ambassador Thomas Pickering about how those calls are affecting U.S. foreign policy.

Noelle Foley WWE Debut Rumors: Mick Foley's Daughter Discusses 'Love' For Business [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

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Noelle Foley is looking to eventually enter the squared circle. The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently opened up about her passion for the industry.

Author Viet Thanh Nguyen Discusses 'The Sympathizer' And His Escape From Vietnam

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Nguyen and his family fled their village in South Vietnam in 1975. He won the Pulitzer Prize this year for The Sympathizer, a spy novel set during and just after the war in Vietnam.

Lana & Rusev Wedding WWE Rumors: WWE Couple Discusses Planning Their Nuptials [VIDEO]

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WWE personalities Rusev and Lana are set to get married. The 'Bulgarian Brute' and 'Ravishing Russian' discussed planning their wedding and being on 'Total Divas.'

Baltimore Police Chief Discusses Shooting Of Boy Carrying Replica Pistol

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Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says detectives mistook the replica for a real gun and describes the boy's injuries as non-fatal. The shooting happened on the anniversary of Freddie Gray's funeral.

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