A Deal In The LA Teachers Strike — Now, Union Members To Vote

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Teachers remain on strike Tuesday, and the tentative deal won't become official until union members approve it.

Trump offers limited 'Dreamer' deal in exchange for border wall — and Democrats quickly say no

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The plan comes as Trump faces pressure to end the partial government shutdown that has inflicted financial pain on government workers and disrupted services from food inspection to airport security.

Apple just signed a deal with its former top rival, Samsung, showing how the company's changing

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Apple iTunes and AirPlay 2 are coming to Samsung smart TVs.

No Deal To End Government Shutdown As Negotiations Continue In Washington

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Congressional leadership staff and White House officials are meeting this weekend to come to an agreement, but remain at an impasse over funding for a border wall.

For Relatives Of U.S. Prisoners In Iran, Uncertainty Grows After Iran Deal Pullout

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The Trump administration's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal may complicate efforts to free American citizens detained in Iran, former U.S. diplomats warn.

AT&T released a memo explaining its deal with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Read it here

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AT&T says it hired Cohen to get "his opinion on the new President and his administration."


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TRUMP NUKES IRAN DEAL! (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:OBAMA REBUKE...Israel Army On High Alert...Bomb shelters opened in Golan Heights...'Unusual Movement of Iranian Forces'...Fateful days in Middle East...Jerusalem to name city square in Trump's honor...Best relations in decade... Advertise here

Walmart ends grocery delivery deal with Uber and Lyft

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In 2016, Walmart announced that it would begin testing grocery delivery in conjunction with Uber and Lyft. Today, however, Reuters reports that those partnerships have come to an end, which was confirmed by Walmart and Uber. TechCrunch first reported in 2015 about Uber’s plans to launch a merchant delivery system, wherein goods from retailers would […]

Iran nuclear deal: Trump to reveal US decision ahead of deadline

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The president is set to announce whether the US will walk away from the international nuclear deal.

US-China trade talks end with strong demands, but few signs of a deal

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The U.S. stepped up its demands on China, but after two days there remained no deal and no date set for further talks.

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