Water war in California: Agencies fight over drought emergency plan with crucial deadline looming

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California remains a holdout on a drought emergency plan for the Colorado River that is due next Tuesday by all seven river states. Holding up the plan has been a fight between two powerful water agencies in Southern California.

US shutdown: Parties in fresh talks as next deadline looms

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Negotiators hope to reach a border security deal to head off another government closure on Friday.

Iran nuclear deal: Trump to reveal US decision ahead of deadline

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The president is set to announce whether the US will walk away from the international nuclear deal.

Puerto Rico seen sliding toward bankruptcy as deadline nears...

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Puerto Rico seen sliding toward bankruptcy as deadline nears... (Second column, 6th story, link)

Deadline extended to sign up for Jan. 1 Obamacare coverage

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Those looking to have Obamacare coverage starting Jan. 1 have a few more days to enroll.

Obamacare signup deadline extended to Monday

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Allen ConeWASHINGTON, Dec. 16 (UPI) -- The deadline to sign up for Affordable Care Act insurance coverage effective Jan. 1 was extended 4 days to Monday because of late demand, announced.

Feds extend deadline to Dec. 19, citing late rush

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The new deadline for Jan. 1 coverage is now 11:59 pm PT on Dec. 19, reports USA Today.

Congress Faces Looming Deadline To Prevent Government Shutdown

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Congress returns Tuesday after a seven week recess and will face an end of September deadline to fund the government and prevent a shutdown. Lawmakers will also have to decide how to fund efforts to combat the spread of Zika. And all of this must be done in an election year where some Congress members face tough re-election battles of their own.

Only 11 of 28 EU nations meet anti-smoking reform deadline

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The European Union says that only 11 of 28 nations have fully adopted tough anti-smoking rules that were approved two years ago and have a Friday deadline

N.C. Officials Face DOJ Deadline To Change 'Bathroom Law'

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Renee Montagne talks to N.C. Rep. Paul Stam, one of the sponsors of House Bill 2, about the Justice Department's determination that the measure violates federal civil rights laws.

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