Stormy Daniels' lawyer alleges Trump attorney Cohen received $500,000 from Russian oligarch

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The lawyer for adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who says she was paid $130,000 by Michael Cohen, the longtime attorney for U.S. President Trump, to stay quiet about a sexual encounter with Trump, on Tuesday claimed that Cohen received $500,000 from a Russian billionaire in the months after the 2016 U.S. election.

Mo'Nique Has No Fear of Oprah or Lee Daniels, Insists Rant Was 'the Truth' (VIDEO)

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Mo'Nique won't be issuing apologies to Lee Daniels, Oprah or Tyler Perry and she's not afraid of any further backlash she gets for simply saying what's true ... in her eyes. Mo' and her husband, Sidney Hicks, told us they…

Terrence Howard Not Hating on Mo'Nique for Blasting Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry (VIDEO)

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Terrence Howard's not hating on Mo'Nique for going nuclear on his "Empire" boss Lee Daniels ... or Oprah and Tyler Perry, for that matter. We got Terrence outside ABC studios Monday in NYC and tried to clue him in on Mo'Nique blasting the trio…

'Bachelor' Alum Selma Alameri Marries Patrick Daniels -- See the Sweet Photos!

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The former 'Bachelor' contestant tied the knot on Thursday during a private, low-key ceremony.

Lee Daniels on His New Girl Group FOX Show: 'They'll Murder. They'll F---You. They'll Rob You'...

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Lee Daniels on His New Girl Group FOX Show: 'They'll Murder. They'll F---You. They'll Rob You'...(First column, 11th story, link)Related stories:Tim Burton Fends Off White Cast Criticism...

Sean Penn -- Gets Apology from Lee Daniels ... Defamation Lawsuit Settled

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Sean Penn just scored a huge victory over Lee Daniels in his defamation lawsuit ... which they settled, but what's extraordinary is the apology letter Daniels had to write. The "Empire" co-creator wrote, "I am so sorry that I have hurt you, Sean,…

Lee Daniels -- Wins 'Empire' Rip-off Lawsuit

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"Empire" and its co-creator Lee Daniels just scored a huge victory -- a judge shot down one of those many lawsuits claiming the idea for the show was jacked from someone else. A guy named Jon Astor-White said his show idea was called "King Solomon"…

'EMPIRE' Lee Daniels Says Trump 'Coming In to Take us Down'...

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'EMPIRE' Lee Daniels Says Trump 'Coming In to Take us Down'...(Top headline, 4th story, link)Related stories:SOROS PAL RUNS ONLINE VOTING MACHINES FOR UTAH...BECK: CRUZ THE FULFILLMENT OF MORMON PROPHECY...FASTING BOY 'IS PRIESTHOOD RISING!'DOWD: FREAKED-OUT...GOODWIN: Why it's time for Trump revolution...WASH POST LEAD MONDAY: Hillary begins attack...

Lee Daniels Admits 'Empire' Suffered From 'Growing Pains' in Season Two: 'It's Trial and Error'

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Prepare for the rise of an 'Empire' in 2016!

Celine Dion Too Grief-Stricken to Attend Brother Daniel's Funeral

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Celine Dion's heartbreak continues.

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