Franky Zapata Falls In English Channel Trying To Cross It On High-Speed Hoverboard

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"It was like flying in a dream," Franky Zapata said, after his trip across the Channel from northern France ended with a crash into the water.


LakeArrowhead (#1) 981 days ago World News cross nevada blur 80mph 130 miles All   Discuss  | Add To 
CROSS NEVADA IN BLUR: 80MPH FOR 130 MILES! (Second column, 17th story, link)

WASH TIMES WEDS: Illegal immigrants resort to abducting children as they cross border...

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1323 days ago World News wash times weds illegal immigrants resort abducting children cross border All   Discuss  | Add To 
WASH TIMES WEDS: Illegal immigrants resort to abducting children as they cross border...(Third column, 1st story, link)

Hospital In Aleppo 'Fully Destroyed' In Airstrike, Red Cross Says

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At least 14 people were killed in an overnight bombing of a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro speaks with Pawel Krzysiek from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Migrants Wait In Moroccan Forest For A Chance To Cross Into Europe

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Desperate African migrants often camp out in the forest for months or years waiting for a chance to jump fences and walls toward two nearby Spanish enclaves — their opportunity to reach Europe.

Judge bans Christian cross from L.A. County seal...

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Judge bans Christian cross from L.A. County seal...(First column, 4th story, link)

Michael Jordan -- Called Out By Streetball Legend ... 'I Could Cross Him'

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As if Michael Jordan had anything left to prove on the basketball court ... now a streetball legend is saying his crossover dribble is so deadly, he could totally bust MJ up with it if he got the chance.  The streetball legend is Bone…

Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows

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Australia's largest predator, the dingo, is resistant to one of the main threats to its survival as a species -- changes to skull shape brought about by cross breeding (hybridization) with dogs, research shows.

New placenta model could reveal how birth defect-causing infections cross from mom to baby

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Researchers have devised a cell-based model of the human placenta that could help explain how pathogens that cause birth defects cross from mother to unborn child.

Turkish forces cross into Syria: Damascus

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1437 days ago World News turkish forces cross syria damascus All   Discuss  | Add To 

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