After Default, Venezuela's Fiscal Woes Spiral While Prosecutors Focus On Corruption

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After months of popular unrest, President Nicolas Maduro appears to have cemented his grip on power. But the towering economic troubles that helped inspire that unrest are only getting worse.

President Of Rio's 2016 Olympic Bid Is Charged With Corruption

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Former Brazilian Olympic Committee President Carlos Nuzman is charged with helping to run a criminal organization. The evidence includes undeclared assets in the form of 16 gold bars.

Prosecutors detail evidence in Sen. Bob Menendez corruption trial

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Prosecutors detailed their strategy in the corruption trial of New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez -- in which they will introduce several items as evidence.

Brazil political class in crisis -- over 100 investigated for corruption...

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Brazil political class in crisis -- over 100 investigated for corruption... (Second column, 12th story, link)

Philadelphia district attorney indicted on corruption, bribery charges

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A federal grand jury indicted two-term Democrat Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams on 23 counts, including bribery and corruption.

Cited in corruption case against Navy officers...

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Cited in corruption case against Navy officers... (Second column, 9th story, link) Related stories:Historical memorabilia related to General MacArthur used in sex acts...

Navy admiral, 8 others indicted in massive 'Fat Leonard' corruption dragnet

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Officials leveled new charges Tuesday against current and former U.S. Navy officials in the "Fat Leonard" corruption case, including a top intelligence officer.

Kenyan Bus Driver Speaks Out Against Everyday Corruption On Live TV

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In a television program, he told the president that he had to have $8 in his pocket every day to pay off the police — or face traffic tickets and towing.

Romania to withdraw corruption decree after mass protests

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The country's PM says the decree decriminalising some corruption offences is to be repealed.

Romania protests grow over corruption decree

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Tens of thousands vent anger at an emergency decree decriminalising some corruption offences.

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