German Chancellor Angela Merkel Brushes Off Health Concerns, Says She Is Fine

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat through the German and Danish national anthems at a greeting ceremony in Berlin on Thursday, after she had uncontrolled tremors at three previous public events.

Walgreens promises investors it has a plan, but it isn't enough to ease their concerns

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Investors don't seem to have much confidence in Walgreens Boots Alliance, and the drugstore chain hasn’t said much to ease their concerns.

Environmental concerns as 7,200 gallons of MOUNTAIN DEW spill...

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Environmental concerns as 7,200 gallons of MOUNTAIN DEW spill... (Second column, 19th story, link)

Copper faces weekly drop as supply concerns ease

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Copper steadied on Friday but was set to end the week almost 2 percent lower as workers agreed to resume work at the world's top copper mine in Chile.

More trouble for Google: Verizon and AT&T pull some Google ads as concerns mount about hate content

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"We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate," AT&T said.

Philippines Plans To Shut 23 Mines Because Of Environmental Concerns

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The environment secretary in the Philippines has decided to take on powerful mining interests. World markets were shocked by the announcement. The Philippines is the world's largest nickel exporter.

Trump aide Conway says to 'go buy' Ivanka Trump's products, sparking ethics concerns

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Conway's comment "isn't just gross and unethical but it's illegal," Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe says.

Financials lead US equities lower amid Donald Trump policy concerns

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U.S. equities fell on Tuesday, with financials lagging, as uncertainty around President-elect Donald Trump's policies grew.

Biden blasts Trump over ethics concerns, says President-elect ‘may sink in the swamp’

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Vice President Joe Biden says Trump must make a distinction between business and politics, NBC News reports.

First study to show parents' concerns about neighborhood restrict kids' outdoor play

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Parents who are concerned about their neighborhoods restrict their children's outdoor play, new research has found for the first time.

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