Sears chairman's hedge fund wins company's bankruptcy court auction

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Sears Holdings said Thursday that ESL Investments, the hedge fund owned by its chairman and largest investor, won the company's bankruptcy auction.

Apple just signed a deal with its former top rival, Samsung, showing how the company's changing

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Apple iTunes and AirPlay 2 are coming to Samsung smart TVs.

The guy who invented Android just teased his new company's smartphone for the first time

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Andy Rubin just publicly teased Essential's new smartphone on Twitter. Here's a look at it.

SEARS Warns of 'Substantial Doubt' About Company's Future...

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SEARS Warns of 'Substantial Doubt' About Company's Future... (Third column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:PAYLESS Filing for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week...BUST: Art Sales Lowest Point Since Financial Crisis...BOOM: STARBUCKS to create 240,000 jobs by 2021...

Turns out, a negative tweet from Trump really can ding a company's reputation

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S&P Global Market Intelligence finds that Trump's tweets affect the market's perceived credit quality of firms such as Toyota in the short term.

One of Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl ads is a tribute to the company's immigrant roots

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“Born the Hard Way” highlights Adolphus Busch’s journey from Germany to America, Vox reports.

Algorithm exposes company's slant...

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Algorithm exposes company's slant...(First column, 14th story, link)Related stories:FACEBOOK 'textbook con job' meeting with 'conservatives'...Censoring Conservative Individuals -- Not Just Media...

Facebook's Trending Topics Are the Company’s Business, Not Government's

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Conservatives shouldn't cry censorhip over Facebook's trending topics.

Why Chobani Gave Employees A Financial Stake In Company's Future

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Workers at the yogurt-maker got a potential windfall when the company said it would give them shares that could be worth up to 10 percent of the firm. It reflects a rising trend in employee ownership.

US Interior Dept. Slaps Down Koch-Controlled Coal Company’s Bid For $14 Million In Royalties

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1225 days ago World News interior dept slaps koch-controlled coal companys bid 14 million royalties All   Discuss  | Add To 

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