Camila Cabello Teases Possible Collaboration With Pitbull

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The 19-year-old singer has been busy since leaving Fifth Harmony in December.

News: Pacific Asia Travel Association signs Microsoft collaboration

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The Pacific Asia Travel Association has announced a collaboration with Microsoft that is designed to improve tourism data collection and develop advanced analytics that help travel industry operators better serve their customers.

Ed Sheeran Reveals 'Cool' John Mayer Collaboration on New Album

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'I emailed him,' Sheeran says on how he got Mayer to agree to an uncredited guitar solo.

Front makes email collaboration much smoother

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 Front started out as an app to manage shared email addresses. With Front, you can collaborate, comment, assign and reply to those pesky emails that you receive on your support@, jobs@ or contact@ email addresses. After adding more channels, Front has released a major update to refine its service with more power Read More

Industry collaboration, consumer pressure key to stopping 'conflict minerals' trade

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Responsible sourcing of raw minerals from conflict regions could be achieved if firms were to collaborate and if there was more pressure from consumers, a new report argues.

International collaboration for genome analysis leads to clues about rare cancer

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An international team of researchers through The Cancer Genome Atlas Network uncovered double the number of genetic drivers already known to fuel adrenal cancer.

Digital magazine company Issuu is now a collaboration platform, too

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 Digital media company Issuu has been trying to offer a better way to present content online. Now it’s a promising a better way for teams to work together on creating that content too, with the launch of a new product called Collaborate. Issuu, for those of you who don’t know, allows publishers to create digital publications. They may resemble glossy magazines, except freed from… Read More

Obama to push for global collaboration in cancer research

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden will push for international cooperation in the fight against cancer in a speech at the Vatican.

Sean Parker sets up $250 million cancer immunotherapy collaboration

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(Reuters) - A $250 million grant from Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker, announced on Wednesday, aims to speed development of more effective cancer treatments by fostering collaboration among leading researchers in the field.

Panama Papers Leak Is The Result Of Unprecedented Media Collaboration

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NPR's Ari Shaprio interviews Gerard Ryle, director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Ryle coordinated with over one hundred media organizations around the world to read and analyze the 11.5 million files from the Panama Papers leak.

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