Microbiome testing service uBiome puts its co-founders on administrative leave after FBI raid

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The microbiome testing service uBiome has placed its founders and co-chief executives, Jessica Richman and Zac Apte, on administrative leave following an FBI raid on the company’s offices last week. The company’s board of directors have named John Rakow, currently the company’s general counsel, as its interim chairman and chief executive, the company said in […]

MoviePass co-founder’s new startup PreShow gives you free movie tickets for watching ads

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As founding CEO of MoviePass, Stacy Spikes has already changed the way we think about paying for movie tickets. Now he’s pursuing a new approach — providing a free ticket to people who watch 15 to 20 minutes of ads. Spikes noted that when it comes to watching movies outside the theater, there are three […]

Read Fusion GPS co-founder's full testimony to Senate Judiciary

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"The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public," Sen. Dianne Feinstein says.

Op-Ed: Lyft co-founders have an idea for how to end traffic once and for all

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What if we could finally end the madness that is traffic? The co-founders of Lyft have an idea.

Inside Expa Labs, Uber co-founder’s take on the startup accelerator

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 There’s no shortage of startup incubators and accelerators, but there’s always room for improvement and iterations on an old operating model. Expa Labs, a six-month program for startups that spun out of Uber co-founder Garrett Camp’s Expa Studios, has a different take on the startup accelerator/incubator model. Last week, it wrapped up its first batch of startups. Launched… Read More

Ben & Jerry's co-founders arrested at U.S. Capitol

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Shawn PriceWASHINGTON, April 19 (UPI) -- The co-founders of Ben & Jerry's ice cream were arrested at a U.S. Capitol protest for voting rights and other issues.

Tilt Co-Founders James Beshara And Khaled Hussein Talk International Expansion And Preserving Culture

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 Tilt’s already expanded to the United Kingdom, its second international country, this year and plans to expand to five more countries in the next five months or so. That’s a challenge for any startup for a number of reasons. It has to build out a playbook for how to expand incrementally to each country, and, at the very least, it has to ensure that it preserves the… Read More

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