Court gives Sears new life, allows Chairman Eddie Lampert another chance to save retailer

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A bankruptcy judge is giving Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert another chance to buy the company out of bankruptcy and save roughly 55,000 jobs.

Ric Flair discusses recovery after being given a 20 percent chance to live

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Ric Flair discusses recovery after being given a 20 percent chance to live

Chance the Rapper's Most Creative Intern Applicant? (PHOTO)

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The hustle is real for Chance the Rapper's open position for an intern, with one applicant going so far as to create a resume that reads like he's going on tour with Chance. The Chicago MC put a job posting on Twitter saying he needed someone who…

Chance the Rapper Reaches Child Support Agreement with Baby Mama

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Chance the Rapper isn't just hip-hop's favorite new artist ... he owns up to his responsibility in the child support department too. Chance struck an agreement with Kirsten Corley over how much he'll ante up in child support for their…

Don’t get excited about the Dutch election result, Le Pen still has a 40% chance of victory: UBS

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The unconvincing populist performance in the Netherlands election could lead to voter complacency as France's Marine Le Pen bids to become president: UBS.

Nancy Grace Skewers Casey Anthony, I See Why 'Caylee Never Had a Chance' (AUDIO)

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Nancy Grace is angry and sad about Casey Anthony's flippant remarks about Caylee -- and can't understand how Anthony sleeps "pretty good at night." Nancy lit into Anthony when we talked to her about the AP interview where Caylee's…


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BITTER MAN WHO LOST HIS WHITE HOUSE CHANCE... (Second column, 5th story, link) Related stories:MCCAIN BASHES TRUMP IN MUNICH...'How dictators get started'...Rand Paul: We're very lucky McCain's not in charge...

NASA mission best chance of meeting aliens...

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NASA mission best chance of meeting aliens... (Second column, 15th story, link)

McConaughey: Give Trump chance...

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McConaughey: Give Trump chance... (Second column, 3rd story, link)

Last Chance To Sign Up For Obamacare, For 2017 And Maybe Forever

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People continue to enroll in Affordable Care Act coverage, even as huge questions loom about where millions of people will find health care in a year.

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