Da Vinci's hand impairment caused by nerve damage, not stroke

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A fainting episode causing traumatic nerve damage affecting his right hand could be why Leonardo da Vinci's painting skills were hampered in his late career. While the impairment affected his ability to hold palettes and brushes to paint with his right hand, he was able to continue teaching and drawing with his left hand. According to most authors, the origin of da Vinci's right hand palsy was related to a stroke.

From entanglement to invasions of alien species: the harm caused by marine litter

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Marine litter is a threat to the marine ecosystem, human health and economic activities. A new report sheds light on the many effects of litter in our oceans, and highlights the severity and scale of the issue. The report confirms that plastic items have the highest direct and indirect damaging impact.

Mysterious Weight Gain Caused By 'Sleep Eating'...

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Mysterious Weight Gain Caused By 'Sleep Eating'... (Second column, 17th story, link) Related stories:1000 LBS: 'World's fattest man' enters hospital...

Anne Hathaway Reveals Which Talk Show Host Caused Her to Break Out in Hives

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The new mom reveals her nerves got the better of her and she broke into hives thanks to her latest television appearance.

You dummies! Red faces at Manchester United as it emerges bomb scare was caused by dummy device left in toilet BY MISTAKE after terror training exercise

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Obama caused the rise of Trump, says the founder of a $53 billion investment firm

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"Obama basically apologized for us" and we are "tired of apologizing," global investor Barry Sternlicht tells CNBC.

Pesky squeaks and squeals caused by three types of 'stick-slip' behavior

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Researchers have uncovered key features of the dynamics of a form of jerky motion responsible for phenomena as diverse as squeaks and squeals in door hinges and automotive brakes, joint wear in the human body and the sudden shifting of tectonic plates leading to earthquakes.

VIDEO: How Obama's olive branch caused a Cuban exodus

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How Obama's olive branch to Cuba prompted a new exodus

Recurrence of thymic tumors caused by heat-shock proteins

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In most cases, tumors of the thymus gland are removed by surgical resection. However, they recur after a few years in up to one third of patients. A research team has successfully demonstrated that these tumors form heat-shock proteins. The lower the concentration of these proteins, the more quickly tumors recur.

Paris Hilton -- Transcontinental Distance Caused Breakup with Swiss BF

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Paris Hilton struggled with life in the luxurious Swiss Alps, and that's the main factor in her breakup with boyfriend Thomas Gross. Sources close to Paris tell TMZ she and the Swiss multimillionaire called things off over a month ago. The main…

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