Pig bones reveal how far Stonehenge feasters travelled

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Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of early large-scale celebrations, with people travelling hundreds of miles for feasting rituals.

Gentle Bones: Singapore's answer to Ed Sheeran

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How choosing music over university paid off for singer-songwriter Joel Tan, aka Gentle Bones.

'Bones' Stars and Creator Address 'Possible' Revival Plans

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Could we see a new installment with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in the near future?

UFC's Mickey Gall -- I Love Sage Northcutt ... But I'm Gonna Break His Bones! (VIDEO)

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UFC star Mickey Gall says he's gonna destroy Sage Northcutt WORSE THAN CM PUNK -- vowing to break the guy's bones and hurt him real bad.  Gall and Northcutt are fighting at UFC Fight Night on Dec. 17th -- and the smack talk is already in full…

Too Much Light = Weaker Muscles, Bones...

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Too Much Light = Weaker Muscles, Bones...(Second column, 3rd story, link)Related stories:Weak Economy Responsible for Rampant Swoleness...

Archaeologists uncover 13,000-year-old bones of ancient, extinct species of bison at Old Vero Man site

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In what is considered one of the oldest and most important archaeological digs in North America, scientists have uncovered what they believe are the bones of a 13,000- to 14,000-year-old ancient, extinct species of bison at the Old Vero Man Site in Vero Beach, Fla.

Repair cartilage potentially can heal horribly broken bones

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Hundreds of NFL players have invested in using stem cells to treat injuries, a new article reports. The publication revealed one NFL linebacker 'paid $6,000 a pop for a 1-milliliter vial of donated placenta tissue containing stem cells to be injected into each of his beat-up knees.' Now new research shows that stem cells could one day be stimulated to make a special type of cartilage to help repair large, hard-to-heal bone fractures.

A Long, Complicated Battle Over 9,000-Year-Old Bones Is Finally Over

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The 1996 discovery of Kennewick Man, one of the oldest North American human skeletons ever found, erupted in an unprecedented fight between scientists and Native American beliefs.

The more you run, the denser your bones will be

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Researchers have analyzed the effect of endurance running training on the stiffness index, a variable that is directly related to bone quality. The results confirm that the greater the race distance that is trained, the better; this can be used, therefore, to prevent the progressive decline in bone mineral density that occurs with age. In healthy individuals, bone quality – chiefly determined by bone mineral density – depends on factors such as sex, age, race and diet. It can be modified, however, by making life style changes -for instance by doing regular exercise.

Researchers Work To Identify Bones Of Americans Who Died In Korean War

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At a military lab in Hawaii, researchers are solving a puzzle. Thousands of bones in 208 boxes — the bones of Americans who died during the Korean war — are all mixed together. Identifying those who served is nearly impossible. Now after more than two decades, new forensic technology is making it possible. And it's just in time for the remaining brothers and sisters of those who died in Korea more than six decades ago.

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