Squishing blood stem cells could facilitate harvest for transplants

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How deformable cells are, and thus how stiff or squishy they are, plays an important role in retaining blood-forming stem cells in their marrow niches and thus preserving their long-term repopulation capabilities.

Tech investors take a Warren Buffett approach to raising money for blood cancer research

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Over two decades after his lymphoma diagnosis, venture capitalist David Lee is encouraging tech investors to take a novel approach to philanthropy.

Epidural stimulation shown to normalize blood pressure following spinal cord injury

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Working with human research participants, researchers have found that spinal cord epidural stimulation can safely and effectively elevate blood pressure in individuals with SCI along with chronic hypotension.

Blood, snakes and power

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While many African traditions and cultures are under threat from modern life, one is holding its own - voodoo.

SHOCK: 'Vampire' Beheads Bird, Chugs Blood in NYC Park...

LakeArrowhead (#1) 900 days ago World News shock vampire beheads bird chugs blood nyc park All   Discuss  | Add To 
SHOCK: 'Vampire' Beheads Bird, Chugs Blood in NYC Park... (Third column, 9th story, link)

Athelas launches a new type of blood testing device for the home

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 Athelas is launching a low-cost, blood diagnostics device today made for testing certain diseases like the flu, bacterial infections and cancer in the comfort of your home.Tanay Tandon founded the startup in 2014 at the tender age of 17 to develop a smartphone device that could detect malaria through blood samples. That idea proved difficult but the idea of ease and mobility stuck with… Read More

Drop of blood to predict how long will live?

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Drop of blood to predict how long will live? (Third column, 8th story, link) Related stories:STUDY: Most happiness at age 23 and 69...

UFC's Rose Namajunas Beat a Woman So Bad, She Could Smell the Blood! (VIDEO)

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Rose Namajunas says she once beat down an opponent so ferociously, the blood spilled like a river ... and she describes exactly what it smelled like. Yeah, gross ... and yet, awesome. Of course, we all remember the bloodbath when Rose dominated…

Fruits and vegetables' latest superpower? Lowering blood pressure

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A new study links increased dietary potassium with lower blood pressure.

Kristi Yamaguchi to Nancy Kerrigan -- No Bad Blood Over 'Break a Leg' Tweet (PHOTO)

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Kristi Yamaguchi says she was NOT throwing shade at Nancy Kerrigan when she told her to "break a leg" on "Dancing with the Stars" ... explaining it was just an innocent tweet between friends.  Social media went crazy over the tweet in which she…

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