Trump Vetoes Bills Intended To Block Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

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Bipartisan lawmakers have criticized Saudi Arabia's actions in the Yemen conflict where thousands of civilians have died, and Saudi Arabia's role in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Putin ally Oleg Deripaska sues Treasury to block sanctions, claims 'utter devastation' of his wealth

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Deripaska claims that his net worth has fallen by more than $7.5 billion, or about 81 percent, since the sanctions on him were imposed.

U.S. Navy pursuing block buy of two aircraft carriers: senator

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The U.S. Navy has informed lawmakers of its intent to pursue a block purchase of two Ford-class aircraft carriers, Senator Tim Kaine's office said on Monday, a step officials have said could save billions of dollars as the Trump administration tries to expand the size of the fleet.

Facebook shouldn’t block you from finding friends on competitors

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Twitter, Vine, Voxer, MessageMe. Facebook has repeatedly cut off competitors from its feature for finding your Facebook friends on their apps…after jumpstarting its own social graph by convincing people to upload their Gmail contacts. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Download Your Information tool merely exports a text list of friends’ names you can’t use elsewhere. As congress considers […]

Players on the trading block: Big names who could get dealt

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Players on the trading block: Big names who could get dealt

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley spoke for more than 15 hours to block Gorsuch

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Gorsuch is especially unpopular with Oregon's senators because of his views on assisted suicide laws, NBC News reports.

Your taxes might be a lot simpler if it weren’t for TurboTax and H&R Block

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If doing taxes was less annoying, you wouldn't need to pay someone to do it for you, NBC News reports.

Top Senate Democrat promises fight to block Trump Supreme Court pick

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The top U.S. Senate Democrat pledged to try to block the confirmation of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Smog-hit Beijing plans 'green necklace' to block pollution...

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Smog-hit Beijing plans 'green necklace' to block pollution... (Third column, 7th story, link) Related stories:Scientists switch on 'artificial sun'...

Trump administration ramps up efforts to block media

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President Donald Trump said Friday that his administration "can get around the media when the media doesn't tell the truth, so I like that."

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