Trump Vetoes Bills Intended To Block Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

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Bipartisan lawmakers have criticized Saudi Arabia's actions in the Yemen conflict where thousands of civilians have died, and Saudi Arabia's role in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Resooma launches Resooma Bills to help ‘generation rent’ manage household expenditures

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Resooma, the U.K. accommodation booking platform, is entering the fintech and utilities space with the launch of Resooma Bills, a new product to help “gen rent” manage household expenditures. The Cardiff, Wales-based company’s core offering is an accommodation marketplace primarily targeting students and other renters aged 18-30. Previously trading under the brand name of University […]

Farmer frustrated over government shutdown as bills pile up and his loan is delayed

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After 27 days of a partial federal government shutdown, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue ordered 2,500 employees on Wednesday to open half the Farm Service Agency offices around the country. It didn't help Farmer George Fetzer secure his loan.

LGBTQ Advocates Fear 'Religious Freedom' Bills Moving Forward In States

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The Trump administration hasn't taken action on its promises to protect religious liberties, which some see as opposing LGBTQ people. But some state legislatures are taking this as support.

Kudi wants to make it easier to pay bills in places where internet access is limited

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 Making payments and sending money to friends and family in Nigeria can be cumbersome. Y Combinator-backed Kudi, which recently launched in Nigeria, is aiming to make it easier for people to pay bills and pay each other via messaging. At its core, Kudi is a chatbot, which lives inside Facebook Messenger and eventually Skype, that helps you transfer money, buy airtime for your phone, pay bills… Read More

Largest Bills Turned in Ahead of New Bank Notes...

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Largest Bills Turned in Ahead of New Bank Notes... (Second column, 13th story, link) Related stories:Venezuela orders stores to get into Christmas spirit...Seizes 4M Toys, Will Give Them to Poor Kids...

Karreuche Tran -- Freezin' My Ass Off in a Bikini ... Girl's Gotta Pay the Bills (PHOTO GALLERY)

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Karrueche Tran's pouring her heart, soul and ass into making some COLD hard cash. Karrueche slipped into a bikini to shoot scenes for her soap opera, "The Bay," because, well ... producers know what sells. Only problem for KT and her co-stars is…

Millions Of People Are Having An Easier Time Paying Medical Bills

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The number of people who say they are struggling to pay medical bills has dropped by 13 million in the past five years, a study finds. An improving economy and the Affordable Care Act are why.


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OCTOBER SPOOKY: GHOSTS OF BILL'S PAST...(Third column, 4th story, link)Related stories:MORE CLINTON 'RAPIST' SIGNS, PROTESTS...

Broaddrick Takes On Chelsea Over Bill's Past...

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Broaddrick Takes On Chelsea Over Bill's Past...(Top headline, 3rd story, link)Related stories:40 DAYS: CLINTON 'PANIC MODE' OVER BLACK VOTERS...DESPERATE: Female Celebs Strip For Hillary...LA TIMES: DONALD +4...TRUMP: 'SINGLE WEAPON SHE HAS IS THE MEDIA'...

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