Here's why one former baseball executive believes he's hit a home run by diving into esports

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A former MLB executive vice president explains why he made the jump to esports

The stock market believes Netflix will more than double subscribers in 10 years to 335 million

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Netflix is only beginning to grow, if the stock market's expectations are to be believed.

Expedia Chairman believes Dara Khosrowshahi intends to take Uber job

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 Although Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has yet to officially accept the chief executive officer position at Uber, Expedia Chairman Barry Diller believes “it is his intention to accept,” according to an SEC filing. Just yesterday, it came out that Uber offered the CEO job to Khosrowshahi. In an email to Expedia employees, Diller wrote: As you probably know by now, Dara Khosrowshahi… Read More

Trump believes Obamacare replacement will pass House, vote 'needs to happen': White House

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A House of Representatives vote on the GOP's repeal and replace bill for Obamacare is scheduled for Thursday.

15 million will lose coverage under GOP health plan, Brookings believes the CBO will find

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Here's what could cause such a large loss in coverage, Brookings Institution's Matt Fielder says.

Rex Tillerson: What Trump's top diplomat really believes

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What did Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State say about Russia and climate change?

Tim Tebow Rumors: Former MLB Closer Believes Former QB Will Be In Double-A Next Year [VIDEO]

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Tim Tebow's dreams of making it in baseball are backed by at least one former MLB closer. David Aardsma believes Tebow will make it to Double-A by next season.

Goff goes No. 1, believes he's 'good fit' for Rams

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Goff goes No. 1, believes he's 'good fit' for Rams

Chyna Death Cause: Former WWE Star's Manager Reveals What He Believes Happened To Joan Laurer [VIDEO]

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Chyna passed away unexpectedly last week at age 46. Her manager, Anthony Anzaldo, revealed what he believed caused her death.

The Undertaker WWE Rumors: Retirement Isn't Imminent, One Wrestling Legend Believes [VIDEO]

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Ever since The Undertaker competed at 'WrestleMania 32,' there have been rumors he's calling it a career. One WWE legend doesn't believe it's the end of the road for "The Demon from Death Valley."

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