U.S. Virgin Islands Governor: 'Emergency Fast Track Process' Needed For Federal Aid

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More than a year after two major storms hit the U.S. Virgin Islands, the new governor says burdensome regulations have slowed recovery. Many homes are still uninhabitable and lack secure roofing.

Attorney General Expected To Give Congress Synopsis Of Mueller Report On Sunday

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William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are at work preparing a summary of the special counsel's findings for Congress. It's expected sometime soon.

Federal deficit balloons to record in February

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The federal government's budget deficit grew to $234 billion in February, the largest monthly shortfall on record, according to a Treasury Department report.

I was spending $132 a month on digital subscriptions — here's how I cut it back

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I had a hunch I was spending way too much on services like Netflux, Hulu and Spotify each month. So I'm outlining what I spend, how important they are, how often I use them, and seeing what I can cut.

Next government shutdown: How to build a cash cushion when your income is cut off

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There's one thing the 35-day government shutdown made clear: Americans aren't saving for a rainy day. Here's how to build your cash cushion as the next shutdown looms.

Trump attorney general pick William Barr would let Mueller finish Russia probe, Lindsey Graham says

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Graham's reassurance comes amid reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and oversaw the special counsel's investigation, is planning to resign after Barr is confirmed.

Lion kills young worker at North Carolina wildlife sanctuary

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A lion at a North Carolina private wildlife sanctuary fatally mauled a 22-year-old worker on Sunday before being shot and killed by local law enforcement, officials said.

Federal judge restricts travel of ex-Trump official Michael Flynn after lashing him at hearing

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A federal judge ordered Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security advisor, to surrender his passport, and to check with the court if he wants to travel more than 50 miles from Washington, D.C.

Scaling startups are setting up secondary hubs in these cities

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America’s mayors have spent the past nine months tripping over each other to curry favor with in its high-profile search for a second headquarters. More quietly, however, a similar story has been playing out in startup-land.

Trump's 'Energy Dominance' Gets Slow Start On Federal Land

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Despite President Trump's pledge to boost oil and gas drilling on federal land, some statistics show there was more activity during the Obama administration.

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