Sen. Wyden asks NRA and Treasury about about possible Russian contributions for Trump's election

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The FBI is reportedly investigating if the NRA used Russian-provided funds to back President Trump's election in 2016.

As Boy Peers Curiously Over Border Wall, His Artist Asks: 'What Is He Thinking?'

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JR, a French street artist, hasn't answered that question — and that's the point. His massive artwork on the border, which coincided with the decision to rescind DACA, is the "start of a discussion."

United Airlines Passenger David Dao Asks Judge to Preserve All Video of Incident

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David Dao is making his first legal move against United ... demanding the airline preserve all evidence related to his bloody incident. TMZ has learned the doctor's lawyers filed documents in a Chicago court demanding United preserve all…

Fox asks law firm to investigate latest sexual harassment complaint against Bill O'Reilly

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A complaint of sexual harassment against Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly is under investigation, parent company 21st Century Fox said.

Phoenix Teen Asks Emma Stone to Prom by Epically Recreating 'La La Land' Opening Number -- Watch!

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Just another day of prom....

Justice Department asks for more time to provide wiretap evidence

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The Justice Department requested more time to comply with a House panel seeking information on President Donald Trump's wiretapping allegation.

Alphabet’s Waymo asks judge to block Uber from using self-driving car secrets

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Waymo is formally asking a judge to block Uber from operating its autonomous vehicles, The Verge reports.

Comey asks Justice Department to deny Trump's wiretapping accusations

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FBI Director James Comey asked officials at the Justice Department to deny Trump's wiretapping allegations, law enforcement officials said.

White House asks Congress to investigate alleged wiretaps by predecessor

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The White House Sunday asked Congress to investigate whether the Obama administration abused its investigative powers during the 2016 presidential election.

Sweden asks U.S. to explain Trump comment...

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Sweden asks U.S. to explain Trump comment... (Third column, 11th story, link)

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