Early Amazon investor John Doerr is convinced Jeff Bezos will roll out Prime Health

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Venture capitalist and early Amazon investor John Doerr is sitting at the intersection of health and technology. He said earlier this week that Amazon and Google have a big role to play in health care.

American tropics, Amazon origins

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A new study is suggesting many of the plants and animals that call Latin America home may actually have their roots in the Amazon. Researchers found that a dynamic process of colonization and speciation led to the formation of the American tropics, which is today the most species-rich region on the planet.

Cleveland offered $120 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city

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A article detailed the lengths the small midwestern city would go to lure Amazon’s in 50,000-person HQ2. In a document obtained by reporter Mark Naymik, we learn that Cleveland was ready to give over $120 million in free services to Amazon including considerably reduced fares on Cleveland-area trains and buses. The document, available here, […]

Jeff Bezos: Amazon exceeded 100 million Prime subscribers

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Amazon has exceeded 100 million paid Prime subscribers, CEO Jeff Bezos said in a letter to shareholders Wednesday.

Amazon buys Ring to get into the home security business

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Amazon already owns your doorstep. Now it wants to secure the inside of your home.

Toyota will add Amazon Alexa to select cars in 2018

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Amazon's cloud-based voice assistant will be in select models in 2018, with more to come in 2019.

Amazon shows how corporations are taking on roles once performed by governments

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In functional arenas from room-letting to transportation to commerce, persons will be increasingly subject to corporate, rather than democratic, control.

Mohawk tribe sues Microsoft, Amazon for patent infringement

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The tribe is a co-plaintiff with SRC Labs, which claims its data processing technology patents have been infringed.

Amazon unveils $35 Echo Connect for placing phone calls through Echo

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Amazon just announced an Amazon Echo Connect that costs $35 and lets you place landline calls through your Echo.

AMAZON Secretly Becoming Big Bank...

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AMAZON Secretly Becoming Big Bank... (Third column, 12th story, link) Related stories:Wall St Massive Bet Againt SNAP...

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