Gene transfer improves diabetes-linked heart ailment

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Researchers have shown that a gene transfer technique can combat heart dysfunction caused by diabetes.

New York Mets Rumors: Mysterious Ailment Leaves Matt Harvey Questionable For Opening Day [VIDEO]

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The Mets have a deep rotation, and it seems they're gonna rely on that depth early. Matt Harvey may not be ready to face the Royals on Opening Night in a World Series rematch.

Sheamus WWE Injury Rumors: Twitter Reacts To Arm Ailment 'Celtic Warrior' Apparently Sustained Celebrating His Birthday [PHOTO, VIDEO]

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Sheamus apparently partied too hard celebrating his birthday.

Scientists: Fungus causes snake ailment, but reason elusive

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A scientist studying a mysterious ailment that has been infecting some snake species in the eastern United States says he's helped identify the fungus causing the disease.

Colorado rejects PTSD as ailment eligible for medical pot

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DENVER (AP) — Colorado is poised to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of ailments eligible for treatment with medical marijuana.

Serena Williams Injury Update: Elbow Ailment Puts Grand Slam Chase in Danger? [VIDEO]

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It was a surprise that Wimbledon champion Serena Williams decided to enter the Swedish Open just days after winning her third Grand Slam event of the year.

The Rock Finger Injury: Dwayne Johnson Trolls Fans With Fake, Gruesome Ailment [VIDEO]

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The Rock trolled his fans by posting a video of a greusome finger injury, which proved to be fake.

Daniel Bryan Injury Update 2015: Chris Jericho 'Feels Bad' For 'The Beard' Following Ailment [VIDEO]

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Daniel Bryan is once again on the shelf and Chris Jericho feels bad for the hurting Superstar, who he said he is a fan of.

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