Teva Pharmaceuticals Agrees To $85 Million Settlement With Oklahoma In Opioid Case

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Oklahoma's attorney general had filed a lawsuit against the Israel-based company for its alleged role in fueling the opioid crisis.

China agrees to bolster purchases of US goods, in a move to 'substantially reduce' trade gap

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China and the U.S. have mutually agreed to "substantially reduce" the yawning trade imbalance.

Malaysia Agrees To Release Kim Jong Nam's Body Amid Diplomatic Crisis

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Malaysia says it will transfer the body and allow an unspecified number of North Koreans to depart, in exchange for the return of nine Malaysians who had been blocked from leaving North Korea.

Bob Dylan Agrees To Accept His Nobel Prize During A Tour Stop In Stockholm

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Since the American musician won the Nobel Prize in literature last year, he has not yet picked up his award in person or delivered the customary lecture required for him to receive the prize money.

DISNEY Iger Agrees to One-Year Extension...

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DISNEY Iger Agrees to One-Year Extension... (Third column, 10th story, link)

Volkswagen agrees to pay $200 million to offset US emissions

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VW previously agreed to pay to offset emissions from about 475,000 2.0 liter diesel vehicles.

Donald Trump agrees to pay $25M to settle looming Trump U. lawsuits

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Doug G. WareSAN DIEGO, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- President-elect Donald Trump on Friday settled three fraud lawsuits against his defunct Trump University, which plaintiffs said bilked them out of millions.

JPMorgan Chase Agrees To Pay $264 Million In Chinese Bribery Scheme

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JPMorgan Chase and its Hong Kong affiliate have agreed to pay fines totaling $264 million for their role in a scheme to win lucrative contracts in China. The bank acknowledged running a program in which it hired relatives of influential Chinese officials in exchange for certain business contracts. A Justice Department official said the scheme amounted to bribery.

EU agrees to boost defence and security

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The EU is to boost its defence role, but a senior official says the bloc does not intend to compete with Nato.

Mexico agrees El Chapo US extradition

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1220 days ago World News mexico agrees el chapo extradition All   Discuss  | Add To 
Mexico grants the extradition of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman to the United States on drug smuggling and murder charges.

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