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18 DAYS...

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18 DAYS... (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:DEMS ALREADY RAISE $1 BILLION...Mount Midwestern comeback...Victory would put president under microscope...OCASIO-CORTEZ: Like, Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like, Like Yeah...Brothel Owner Expected To Win Election Despite Death...Kavanaugh NOT helping key Republicans?Battle for suburban women...Many don't plan to vote...2 years after trauma of hack, DNC builds tech team with veteran bench...What every CEO has spent on midterms...Bezos #1... Advertise here

Turkey Releases U.S. Pastor After Two Years In Prison

LakeArrowhead (#1) 6 days ago World News turkey releases pastor years prison All   Discuss  | Add To 
Andrew Brunson was one of thousands arrested in Turkey after a failed coup attempt in 2016. A court in western Turkey says he is now free to leave the country.

Nikki Haley Resigns As U.N. Ambassador

LakeArrowhead (#1) 9 days ago World News nikki haley resigns ambassador All   Discuss  | Add To 
Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, has been a fierce advocate for President Trump's policies at the United Nations. It is not immediately clear what has prompted the move.

Brett Kavanaugh: Senate set for final vote on Supreme Court nominee

LakeArrowhead (#1) 13 days ago World News brett kavanaugh senate set final vote supreme court nominee All   Discuss  | Add To 
The Senate is expected to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court after weeks of wrangling.

OCTOBER: Supreme Court Opens New Term Without Ninth Justice in Place...

LakeArrowhead (#1) 17 days ago World News october supreme court opens term ninth justice place All   Discuss  | Add To 
OCTOBER: Supreme Court Opens New Term Without Ninth Justice in Place... (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:Kavanaugh Questioned By Cops After 1985 Bar Fight...Text Message Drama...NBCNEWS Sits Down With Swetnick, But Can't Verify Claims...'Things told on camera differ from written statements'...Backtracks...Battle intensifies historic gender gap before election...ACLU Compares Kavanaugh to Clinton, Cosby...Dems' new tack: Go hard after credibility...Battle sparks anger from white male Republicans...MCCONNELL: VOTE THIS WEEK... Advertise here

How China's New Wealth And Power Are Changing The World

LakeArrowhead (#1) 17 days ago World News chinas wealth power changing world All   Discuss  | Add To 
A look at one of the most extraordinary developments in human history: how China's government has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty – in just 40 years.

Rod Rosenstein: Russia inquiry chief set for Trump showdown

LakeArrowhead (#1) 24 days ago World News rod rosenstein russia inquiry chief set trump showdown All   Discuss  | Add To 
Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia inquiry, faces crunch talks at the White House this week.

Palestinian Orchestra Finds Way Into Jerusalem To Perform Beethoven's 9th Symphony

LakeArrowhead (#1) 37 days ago World News palestinian orchestra finds jerusalem perform beethovens 9th symphony All   Discuss  | Add To 
Palestinian violist Ramzi Aburedwan used to throw stones at Israeli soldiers. Now he fights with music. He's built a music school for young Palestinians and he's finally realized a dream of playing Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Jerusalem.

Brazilian Candidate, Recovering From Stabbing, May Be Gaining An Advantage

LakeArrowhead (#1) 40 days ago World News brazilian candidate recovering stabbing gaining advantage All   Discuss  | Add To 
Jair Bolsonaro was attacked while campaigning on Thursday. Experts say the hardliner may see his lead increase through television exposure and candidates who are pulling back attack ads.

George Papadopoulos: Ex-Trump adviser jailed in Russia inquiry

LakeArrowhead (#1) 41 days ago World News george papadopoulos ex-trump adviser jailed russia inquiry All   Discuss  | Add To 
Ex-Trump aide George Papadopoulos is jailed for 14 days for lying to the FBI in the Russia inquiry.
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